Incident reportsĀ 
in the cloud

eReport is a modern web app that enables your team to file their incidents in a digital occurrence book

A better way to keep track of incidents.

  • Customized reporting

    Set up a form with the fields your team needs. Choose from a wide selection of types including text fields, date pickers, and dropdowns.

  • Stay in the loop

    Get WhatsApp, SMS, or email notifications when an incidents change so you never miss a beat.

  • Everything in one place

    Attach files to an incident which you can view or download.

  • Be informed of changes

    eReport automatically tracks all edits to an incident so you can keep track of updates.

Quick access to your team.

  • Member directory

    An easy way to find or reach out to members on your team.

  • On duty rotations

    Add your own on duty rotations through the admin platform. Integrations with Google Calendar and Outlook coming soon.

Your brand front and center.

An app built just for you. Set your branded color palette, add your logo, and optionally a custom domain.

A powerful admin dashboard.

A single location to manage member permissions, analyze/export incident data, and configure your app.

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